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Few Words About Myself A Tale Through My Lens

I’m Juzer Patanwala, the man behind JUZER Photography, where I turn moments into memories.

I am your typical IT guy, a B.Tech graduate from Pune University, clocking in 16 years in the corporate world. As much as I love my job, the love for capturing the moments with my camera was always there. I’ve been the family photographer since forever.

Back in 2010, I got my hands on an automatic camera, and I started clicking away. You won’t find me in pictures from two decades ago because I was the guy behind the camera. The camera my dad gifted me is still with me, and trust me, every click takes me back to those nostalgic moments!!

Fast forward to 2013, I got my first DSLR, thanks to my brother in the USA. My brother sensed my passion and saw that I could really click good, professional-quality pictures. He not only emotionally supported me but also had my back financially. Kudos to my brother; without him, JUZER Photography might have just stayed a hobby.

A Twist of Fate From IT Manager to Wedding Photographer:

In 2016, while conducting a photography workshop, a new door opened for me when one of my students requested that I do a wedding shoot. Since then there was no looking back, I have captured 150+ beautiful and memorable unions.

Stepping into wedding photography, candid photography and cinematic videos was like finding my “flavour” in the world of photography. My travel bug and passion for capturing human emotions, all combined in one, allow me to create the best of my work every time I take on a new assignment.

After the lockdown, Juzer Photography got wings and has not just captured from Kashmir to Kanyakumari but also outside India -I have been everywhere, literally. I can now proudly say that “Juzer Photography” is not just India-bound; it’s got a global passport.

Now, Juzer Photography has a dynamic team of seven talented and passionate individuals, comprising assistants, cinematographers, and photographers. With our latest and high-end digital cameras and premium lenses, we ensure every shot is nothing short of perfection.

The Instagram Moment that Changed Everything

Here is a little success story: Back in my freelancing days, I posted a bride’s picture on Instagram. Little did I know that it would reach the USA, and a bride’s friend decided then and there that I was the one for her Maharashtrian wedding. Sometimes, it’s the smallest moments that lead to the biggest opportunities.

My Photography Philosophy: Keep it Simple, Keep it Real

My approach to photography is simple—let the bride and groom be themselves. Give them the freedom to pose, express, and create genuine moments.

In candid photography, it’s all about getting to know the guests, blending in, and capturing unique angles. What makes JUZER Photography stand out? Well, it’s not just about the gear; it’s about the personal touch and the dedication to making each image stand out and be remembered lifetime. Above all, I love to meet people.

Equipped with the latest gadgets and top-notch camera gear, we are not just capturing moments; we’re creating memories that stick. With every click, I aim to redefine wedding photography, leaving clients saying WOW and a legacy of timeless visual tales.

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